About Habib...
Habib was born Habib Abdul-Habib in Baghdad, Iraq in 1980.  

The young Habib got his start in show business in 1983
working as an oud polisher for Munir Bashir.  A year later
Habib began working as an opening act for various acts across
the region.

Habib worked at many comedy clubs around the Middle East
through the 1980's.  His one-night-only showcase at the
Improv in Damascus in 1989 is widely regarded by both Arab
comedy critics as one of the best performances ever.  His
legendary bit, "What's the deal with Tabouleh?" cemented his
status as one of the regions biggest celebrities and earned
him a star on the Beirut Walk of Fame.  The star was
irreparably damaged by rockets in 2006.

However, not everybody was a Habib fan.  His predeliction for
silly songs and his penchant for corny jokes soon found him
falling out of favor with the Iraqi mainstream.  He became
known as "Baghdad's Second-Worst Comedian."  Then, in
1993, he was demoted to "Baghdad's Worst Comedian" after
Baghdad's Worst Comedian did not vote for Saddam.

Habib currently resides in Baghdad with his wife and three
camels (Billy, Petey and Abdul-Rahman).  He tours the world
singing bad songs and telling equally bad jokes.  He appears
in a number of videos, all available right here at goremy.com