Washington Capitals: The Hockey Song

Washington Capitals: The Hockey Song

Well have no fear, hockey season's here

I'm gonna see the Caps tonight

Gonna call some friends, grab my keys and then

Gonna head down to the ice

I call up Matt in Fairfax and

I'm coming from McLean

I jump and drive 495

To the ol' Capitals game.

I get to Matt's, he's got tickets

And we're ready to head up

His roommate Bjorn's watching hockey porn

So we both tell him to stop

Now traffic's thick on 66

But the metro's not the same

Hop inside the orange line

To the ol' Capitals game

Ungodly heat, nasty orange seats

But the game's on all our minds

With our strength in net, I'd make a big ol' bet

That is, if I was Gretzky's wife

We get on down to Chinatown

Of Verizon Center fame

Say goodbye to the smelly guy

at the ol' Capitals game

Passing scalpers now, getting patted down

Now we're heading towards our seats

They're not the best, got the Eagle's Nest

But we got some tasty treats

Well it turns out the game's sold out

So we head on back to Matt's

Gonna hear and see Beninati

Call the game on ol' Comcast

Ovechkin he's a checkin' fiend

He's hat-trick scoring demon

Olie's our great goalie but

Don't forget Alexander...wait, what?

We see Crosby's Greg Louganis-y

Cuz all he seems to do is dive

And ol' Briere should play in a cellars

Because he really loves to whine

I boo and jeer when Jaromir

Returns to ol' DC

It's odd the guy only seems to try

When he's on another team

Now the game is done, the Caps just won

Beat the Pens in overtime

Crosby must ride on the bus

Cuz he's not old enough to drive

Caps will at least beat all the East

Win the playoff's final game

We'll give a chant of "Lets go Caps!"

At the ol' Capitals game