Spygate: The Song

Spygate: The Song

Second weekend in June

She walks down the aisle

She's been planning this wedding

Since the day she turned five

They both say "I do,"

Like we all knew they would

But the camera guy's got issues

Oh, this isn't good


Bill Belichick was there

He taped the whole thing

Nobody was aware

He gave us the tape

Which we all thought was nice

But he stole a ring

I hear it's not the first time

Sometimes being a kid

Could be a tough life

This bully I knew beat me up

at least a dozen times

He said he'd do it again

So I went running home

But he said he come and get me

what to do, I don't know


Bill Belichick was around

He stole all the signs

The bully couldn't find my house

He'd won all those times

Now I guess I'll have my fun

How's it feel, Bully

18 and 1

My name is William Shakespeare

Bill Belichick is great, I've learned

He saved my life and career

When all my written works were burned

I couldn't re-write anything

I tried and tried for days

But Bill came to the rescue

because he knows all my plays