Partly Cloudy: The Rap

Partly Cloudy: The Rap

The name's Remy Remz

If the news had you getting bored fast

Buckle up, Chuck

Here's your accuweather forecast

Humidity 12,

Temperature 52

And that's Farenheit,

I don't deal with celcius fool

A high of 60

Is what's expected

What's the "feels like?"

Man, that's subjective

Sunny in the afternoon

Cloudy late

Here's the 10-day

I'm-a dominate!

Got some wind gust blowing

That y'all gotta fear

Got mad hydration

In the troposphere

There's a big storm coming

Y'all need to know that

This tropical depression's so bad

You gonna need some Prozac

50% chance of rain

50%?  That's annoying

Is it gonna rain?

I don't know, flip a coin

It's gonna be cloudy

Not full but partly

Is that the whole forecast?

Man, hardly.

One part sun, 99 part clouds

I mean, I don't know,

It could be

the other way around

You should check your instruments

I ain't got no instruments, bub

I just get here in the morning

and right-click on Weatherbug

I'm Habib, you know that

And my rhymes are so “phat”

that the Iraqi weather service

wants you to check this forecast

Chilly tonight, the winds are calm

Sunny tomorrow with a chance of bombs

Clouds are forming in the south

You know they are really

Could be a storm about

Or just smoke from argele

It's gonna sleet in Tikrit

Park your ride inside

Or you'll be sporting more hail damage

Than my wife's thighs

I got a PhD in weather man,

I'm a doctor of Doppler

Majored in clouds

Minored in reading the prompter

Bad weather on the map you say?

Well just let me see

It be moving to the left

Just like MSNBC

Got a storm down in the south

We got a monster starting

Gonna get you at the knees

Just like Tanya Harding

In the north it's getting cold

You'll begin to freeze

Like a polygamist leader

You're all into teens

Al Roker talking trash?

Man, this better be good

Or I'm-a have to go and break

His neck of the woods

Come and see me in the office, Al

Your face will get disabled

Yeah, your stomach ain't the only thing

That's gonna get stapled

People can't tell a rain cloud?

I'm about to go insane

Cumulo Nimbus

that’s latin for "don't wear suede."

Reporting from the storm

is my duty, yo

Though I could tell you it was raining

from the studio

Cuz I'm a weatherman

See you five minutes before Letterman

They got a whole weather channel but I'm better man

Cuz you know I'm just a local weatherman

Yeah, you bet I am.

Back to you, Jim.