Opposites Attract (I can’t Dance...)

Opposites Attract (I Can't Dance...)

Well they say opposites attract

I think I agree

Cuz that Arab girl ain't nothing

quite like me

I was a lifeguard back in high school

I know how to save ya

She don't know how to swim

and lives out in Saudi Arabia

She drinks Pepsi from a glass

I like a can of Coke

I can't dance...

She can't vote.

She hates board games

I beat her at Monopoly

But she turns the tides

when we sign on Halo 3

I like my Frosted Flakes

with 2% milk too

She also thinks they're great

but eats hers with baba ghanoush

Yeah she knows a lot

I got a lot of nose

I can't dance...

She can't vote.

Who would have thought

We could be lovers?

I make the bed and...

She wears the covers

I want to have two kids

She wants three sons if we can

I don't like little boys

She's a Michael Jackson fan

Opposites attract

How it works, I just don't know

I can't dance...

I can't dance...