Live On The Moon: Campaign 2008

Live on the Moon: Campaign 2008

Well I'd like to live on the moon

But just until 2008

Yes until the campaign is through

Since the candidates aren't all that great

Though that Barack Obama seems like he's the best

He's got like a year of real experience

They won't let you run an Arby's with under two years

So I'll move to the moon soon I fear

I'd like to travel under the sea

To hide from that guy they call Newt

Cuz if he wins the presidency

It's my head I will just have to shoot

Well he got mad when Clinton cheated on his wife

Do you spell hypocrite w/ an "I" or a "Y"?

Made a contract with me when I was only thirteen

So I guess I'll go live in the sea

Well Hillary's running, who knows what she believes

She's had more changes of heart than Dick Cheney

And I'm kind of confused about Giuliani

How's he had more wives than Mitt Romney?

Maybe I'll just pick randomly

And donate one thousand bucks

So McCain can go make some signs

Or Edwards could get two haircuts

Whoever we pick, we know one thing for sure

All of them would be better presidents than Al Gore

Cuz he says burning fuel hurts the environment

While he travels the world in a nice private jet

Then tells me I should not use so much energy

While his house uses more than a third-world country

Hey there Mr.Gore, don't tell me what to do

I think...

So I guess, I'll go live on the moon...