Hummus: The Rap

Hummus: The Rap

Hummus.  I'm eating hummus.

Dip it to my thumb-us.

It's the best, beats the rest

When you seem to need a

paste with some taste

to put on your pita

Hit me, hit me

With a little chick pea

Got a lot of bread

That's the trick, see?

I'm a fast pita eater

got the pedal to the metal

Putting down so much bread

You'd think I was Hansel and Gretel

Now my bread's all gone

Hmm, what's the next pick?

Checkin the pantry

How 'bout some bread sticks?

Bust the tops off the box

Dip it in all the way

Put that stick in my head

Like I'm Phineas Gage

I got my hummus from the supermarket

Don't be a weenie

If you want real hummus in your stomach

Then you need some tahini

Is this hummus cooked?

You ain't gotta boil it, yo

You just need more peas

than a toilet bowl

You've been sitting there for hours eating?

Maybe brah...

It's like the toilet's eating hummus

Through a crazy straw!

Remy Remz in a Benz

Cruisin' on a Sunday

When'd you rent a Benz, Remz?

I thought you rock a Hyundai

Driving up to Detroit

Now that summer's here

Rock City?

Nah man, I call it Hummusville!

What, you on vacation?

Sounds like a nice world

Man, I'm working harder

than a Valtrex in a Spice Girl

Dearborn's the place

where the hummus flows

I thought they liked coneys, man

I saw it in the Post

I love dipping in the hummus, man

I beg your pardon?

I'm eating more paste

than I did in kindergarten

Options pouring out on Warren

lots of food I see

Got cuisine on from Shatila

down to New Yasmeen

I done came for the food

I'm a hummus-eating menace

Ask my doctor, turn your head and cough

Aren't you a dentist?

Clap your hands really fast

If you think hummus is the best

Now shake sh-shake shake your pita

If you hit the hummus with paprika

Saddam, Iran, Osama,

Baby bomber drama, little peace:

it's on your TV, but believe me

There is good in Middle East, it's...

Hummus.  I'm eating hummus.

With Thomas Jefferson-us.