Charleston: The Musical Recap

Charleston: The Musical Recap

We got down there on a Sunday

Got some ice cream on my head

Got to my hotel room and all I can tell you's

I had a real comfortable bed

Yeah, down in Charleston

In the Palmetto state

Sent down to Charleston

For the YouTube Debate

When I got down there to Charleston

I ate some seafood and well

My hotdog was great but I was running late

for the bus to the Citadel

Oh down in Charleston

With YouTube and CNN

Went to Google's snack kitchen

For some free Sour Patch Kids

When we got down to the debate hall

We heard some stuff from Mike Gravel

He said your lobbyist's mamma is down with Obama

and Hillary and all them

Down in Charleston

He said they're all to blame

Edwards, Hill and Obama

And I forget this guys name

But Biden, Gravel and the Governor

Didn't get much chance to talk

Kucinich was fine, yeah he got camera time

But just because his wife was hot

Down in Charleston

What a nice friendly place

When they showed her on camera

You could see half my face

Then I met Anderson Cooper

He was a real nice dude

We met with some folks and I told stupid jokes

Then we went to go get some food

At the party in Charleston

Singing Michael Jackson lines

Thanks to Google and YouTube

It was a real great time