BirthDay Hat: The Rap

Birthday Hat: The Rap

I wear a birthday hat mother mother

Yo I go through the door

and I know what you think

"Who's the big nose

with the cone and the string?"

My name is Remy

Let me make a point then stop

Don't be messing with a hat

thats got a pointy top

Rollin all up through the hood

But this hood is whack

I be the only homey

with a goody bag

Ladies never ever see

something hot this often

That's why I wear my birthday hat

To the doctor's office

Go talk to the doc

Cuz I'm hurting bad

"You have cooties"

Yeah, but I also have a birthday hat

I wear a birthday hat, mother mother

I wear my hat at work

No it ain't no stigma

Wear my birthday hat

While implementing six sigma

People laugh when I duck

When I go through a tunnel

But no one's laughin when I need

to pour oil through a funnel

Habib here man

and I'm rocking on the cowbell

Don't need a birthday hat

Cuz I already have a towel

No one's hotter on pinata

So don't mess with me

You see I got a lot of practice

on your effigy

You really gonna make this song?

That's pretty sad

I hope this don't apply

to wearing birthday hats

I wear a birthday hat, mother mother