For all those folks who have never been selected for additional screening at the airport...’s your chance.

Remy’s current favorite t-shirt is now available to you!  Be the first on your block to own one.  And by “first,” I mean “only.”  And by “block,” I mean “planet.”

Gilden t-shirt.  100% cotton/amazing.

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Sixteen of GoRemy’s most tolerable tunes.  Makes a great stocking stuffer!*

*in lieu of coal

  1. 1.Two Percent Milk: The Rap

  2. 2.Eggs Over Easy: The Rap

  3. 3.It’s Been Declined

  4. 4.Warcraft: The Rap

  5. 5.Turbo Tax: The Rap

  6. 6.McDonald’s: The Rap

  7. 7.Remy’s Debate Question

  8. 8.Fantasy Football: The Rap

  9. 9.Birthday Hat: The Rap

  10. 10. What a Day It’s Been!

  11. 11. Happy Holidays: The Rap

  12. 12. Opposites Attract

  13. 13. Extra Cheese: The Rap

  14. 14. Hummus The Rap

  15. 15. Slow Jam

  16. 16. Partly Cloudy: The Rap


Note:  If you would like Remy to autograph your CD order, please specify that on your PayPal order.  Personalization requests will also be honored.

These requests will require the CD to be opened!!!


USA / Canada:

(Free Shipping)


($10 Shipping)